Heater Service

NHS - Home Heat Maintenance Services in Charlotte NCHomes rely on a variety of different sources for heat. When something goes wrong, it is important to be able to call a local heater service that is well-versed in fixing all kinds of heaters. Neighborhood Home Services has extensive experience working on residential heaters of all makes and models.

Repair and Replacement Services

Heating issues are not always a costly expense. There are plenty of times when all your heater needs is a quick fix. Repair is a more affordable option, although it is important to note that not all heaters will last forever. We can help you decide on repair or replacement as our heating service addresses many common problems, which may affect the following areas:

  • Furnaces – A poorly functioning furnace can be a safety risk, which makes immediate services and repair very important. There could be bent or loose parts that may need a simple adjustment, while a faulty thermostat is also a common problem in furnace repair.
  • Heat pumps – Inconsistency in your heat supply and additional consumption of energy are two signs that you need heat pump may need fixing. If the unit is older, it could also mean that it’s time for heat pump service.
  • Boilers – Issues with boilers typically begin to surface when the boiler is more than 10 years old, but can occur earlier. Sometimes, replacement is a more affordable option as constant boiler repair can quickly add up.
  • Baseboard heaters – It is common for shorts in a baseboard heater to cause problems with a home’s heating. When breakers start tripping, it is a good sign that there is some type of electrical issue with your baseboard heat.

A Experienced Team Of Professionals

If you believe that any of these issues are affecting your home, then it’s time to contact a customer associate at Neighborhood Home Services. Our experience allows us to quickly understand the problem and there are times when we can even diagnose the problem over the phone. This leads to fast heating repair and nice and toasty interior of your home.

Maintenance Services Are Necessary For Top Performance

Before the chill of winter sets in, homeowners should consider running a routine maintenance check on their residential heater. Neighborhood Home Services provides maintenance as part of our heating services. Our technicians will run a thorough inspection that will help us produce the following results:

  • Improvement in energy efficiency
  • Drop in energy bills
  • Increased safety and health
  • Minimizes likelihood of 24-hour repair
  • Less chance of a system malfunction

When it comes time to choose among the residential heater services in Charlotte, NC, be sure to go with Neighborhood Home Services.


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