Furnace Service

NHS - Home Maintenance & Repair In Charlotte NCNeighborhood Home Services is ready to repair, install or maintain your residential furnace. We are available at any time of the day or night, with our 24-hour service, just in case emergency strikes. Our technicians take the time to analyze all the issues with your furnace and provide a variety of repair options. It is our goal to find the best solution for every customer.

There are important things to know when dealing with your furnace. For example, furnaces are measured by standards that are based on efficiency. This is classified by something called the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratio. To determine this ratio, you must factor percentage of heat that is produced against each dollar spent on fuel that is consumed. When a furnace has a higher AFUE rating, it means your costs will be lower. At Neighborhood Home Services, we take the time to explain the basics, so our customers can make the most informed decisions.

Maintenance Is Essential For Performance

Furnace maintenance is key to keeping your house warm and cozy through the cold winter months. Neighborhood Home Services provides regular maintenance and checkups on furnaces of all types and those services include the following:

  • Cleaning – It is important that certain parts of your furnace are clean in order to function efficiently. Cleaning out the blower compartment and burners will provide an immediate improvement.
  • Inspection – Having the opportunity to inspect your furnace will allow our technicians to inspect the flame operation and heat exchanger. We will also take a look at the gas pressure, wire connections, ductwork and much more.

Sometimes All You Need Is Quality Furnace Repair

Something as simple as a dirty air filter will decrease the airflow and force your furnace to use more energy to circulate air. This problem can also occur because of regular wear and tear, which happens quite a bit when regular maintenance is not performed. Thermostats can malfunction, ignition and pilot problems could occur and a blower may continue to run without shutting off. There are other problems that can affect your furnace, some more complex than others. Whatever the problem, Neighborhood Home Services has a solution for you.

Wildlife Safety for Your Home Furnaces

Sometimes, the furnace can make odd noises that are difficult or near impossible to categorize. The furnace may make a single odd noise or may make several different kinds of noises. If such is the case with your furnace, it may be possible that an animal has somehow become trapped.

Usually, animals getting stuck in furnaces cause a constant screeching or clattering sound. In the event that you suspect a noise may be due to a trapped animal: shut off the furnace and immediately contact us! We will implement preventive measures and contact animal services if needed. Preventing animals from entering your furnace is relatively simple and involves the installation of vent covers among other steps.

Continued Failure May Necessitate Replacement

When inspecting your furnace, we will identify how much life it has left. That might help you determine when it’s time to go with the option of replacement. There are some types of furnace repair that can make it last one more winter, although some issues mean it’s time for a new furnace. We can take care of the installation process and help find an affordable furnace for you.

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