Home Services

NHS - Home Services PageHome services are essential to maintain the upkeep of your home. Most people do not plan for these services, although homes are inevitably going to need some internal work sooner or later. That work extends to a host of areas. Fortunately, residents of the Charlotte area can turn to one local business for all their home service needs. Neighborhood Home Services is ready to step in and fix whatever problem is affecting the inside of your home.

Heating Service

Maintaining a home means making sure the heater is working properly. Neighborhood Home Services offers regular maintenance service on all types of heating units. We also provide service and repair on furnaces. There are a lot of little things to look for when servicing a furnace and our experienced professionals have a history of identifying problems on furnaces of all makes and models. And even if you have radiant heating or baseboard heat, we can make sure your heater is serviced, repaired and replaced with efficiency and affordability.

Air Conditioning and HVAC Service

AC units are susceptible to a number of problems. Condenser coils, fans, capacitors, and motors are just a few of the components that could falter. HVAC units are just as complex, as they may also malfunction at any moment. By providing preventative maintenance on each of those units, we can increase the chances of your unit maintaining optimum working performance. Our technicians are skilled in working on all types of AC and HVAC units. This allows our team to identify every problem area while also providing the right repair when it is needed. Just another of the many top Home Services Charlotte NC has to offer with our professional staff.

Electrical Home Services Charlotte NC

So much within a home depends on electricity, which is why there are complex connections running all through a house. Issues with breakers, fuse boxes, outlets, fans, lighting and other electric units can be handled with our electrical service. We will rewire, replace and install new components and units to make your home safe again. Electrical maintenance and repair is available in all parts of the home.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Certain problems cannot wait until the next day. If you are unlucky enough to have your heat go out in the middle of the night, then we will gladly dispatch a technician straight to your home. Families can count on Neighborhood Home Services to always be a phone call away. We are ready to come right over and find a way to fix your heating, AC, electrical or HVAC problems.